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Record above the nominal capacity of the rolling mill

Valuable and honest effort and am grateful to the personnel led to the registration of a record unparalleled in the rolling line. The rolling unit personnel were able to continue on successive past records recorded with a record nominal production capacity of 1721 the unit has rolled out a new record in this field to register


The need to know to achieve higher production of nominal capacity to congratulate all colleagues


این مطلب را به اشتراک بگذارید.

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It is undeniable that Iran’s future economic progress will have to be based on two fundamental principles, namely a greater role for the private sector, and the expansion and diversification of trade relations, there are the basic premises on which FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., was established. Its shareholders range from large private sector manufactures, construction and engineering firms, investments company’s trade agencies. FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., members have developed the techniques and posses the experience to provide e customers in the steel sector. Production line equipment was experience in engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of similar plants throughout the world. The capacity foreseen for the complex with particular mix defined is 550,000 t/y. more than 80% of this capacity have been allocated to car and home applications industry.

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