Ro & Dm Water Plant

Ro unit of filtration water to way of Reverse osmosis.

This unit including of industrial water system produces with capacity also 82 m3/h and %90 efficiency and Ec  the existing water less more than 200 micro zimence/cm which can be ready the units of PPL,ARP,ECL,Boiler,Cooling Tower. And so the Production Machine can securing pure water (DM) with 7.5 m3/h capacity, Efficiency %55 and Ec existing water less than 9 Micro zimence/cm and produce these unites : ROOLSHOP,CRM 1&2 .and Hydrogen plant.

This unit to organize by two parts, first treatment and original treatment. first the feed way entries the part of before treatment. The aim of it for makes physical parameters, chemical and biologic water, because there is a limitation of design system of membrane filtration.

This entering water is a kind of brackish water. At first passes from sand filters. The sand of this filters are from silice and Antrasit and will be cause of suspend solid decrease and there will be bits of undecided in the water.

Then this water goes into Granol Active Carbon (GAC) filters for delete taste, smell, cholor, organic compound and oxidand articles.

Main filtering: when the water pass from first filterance, at first goes to micron filters to delete bits with bigger than 5 micron.

RO package: the most advanced way is treatment water is RO method, in this method, the water pass with a high pressure from semi permeable membrane. This pressure is more than from RO normal pressure. Result of it goes smaller molecules pass from membrane holes. But big molecules do not able to pass from membranes. Like: ions, organic compound, Micro organisms and suspand solids. in RO system feed water divided to permeate and concentrate.

Package RO in the west Asia Steel include of 13 pressure vessels (12 vessels for production of industrial water and one vessel for produce of DM water) with brand code line that made in united state American each of 13 vessels has seven membranes kind of Poly amide tht located poly solfone and polyester.thise membrane uses with brand Film Tec which made in united states American .the system of produces has three stage witch of each waste water goes to another stage and finally waste water of third stage is rejected.the permeate water of this 3 stages saved in tank 1000 m3 capacity.

For high pure water produce DM, industrial water goes to DM vessel and permeates water than entire two columns with deionizer containing Resins exchanger to Ion and produce DM water and saved by two tanks 10m3 capacity for use the lines.

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Who we are?

It is undeniable that Iran’s future economic progress will have to be based on two fundamental principles, namely a greater role for the private sector, and the expansion and diversification of trade relations, there are the basic premises on which FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., was established. Its shareholders range from large private sector manufactures, construction and engineering firms, investments company’s trade agencies. FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., members have developed the techniques and posses the experience to provide e customers in the steel sector. Production line equipment was experience in engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of similar plants throughout the world. The capacity foreseen for the complex with particular mix defined is 550,000 t/y. more than 80% of this capacity have been allocated to car and home applications industry.

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