6-high cold rolling mill – 1270 mm wide

The type of this line is One Stand Six High Reversing Cold Roll Mill. Required pressure is supplied by hydraulic force. The purpose of this line is to reduce the thickness of the sheet in the ambient temperature. After opening the coil on Pay off Reel, the coil passes though one stand 6Hi reversing mill and reduces thickness by force and tension applied by Mill and between POR and TR (Tension Reel) respectively, and after required passes, the coil finally wrapped in the re-coiler unit. Work Rolls have both positive and negative bending for `crown in'   and `crown out ' contours. Intermediate roll (IMR) shifting and back-up roll balance is also provided from the Mae-west blocks to reach the optimum thickness profile and flatness as actually measured by thickness gauge equipment.

The Mill is equipped with various automation functions including Mill Managing system to calculate pass schedule, constant mass flow, hydraulic AGC system for strip thickness control and automatic flatness control system on both sides.

other specification of this line are, Reduced startup period due to stable and easy operation, improved production time, better yield, reduced roll consumption due to IMR.

The product of CRM is Full-hard coil. Full-hard coils coming out of the cold rolling mills can be sold directly or send to the Electrolytic Cleaning Line/Galvanizing Line and Batch Annealing Furnaces as the raw materials. The specification of line is as follows:

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