Pickling Line

The type of this line is Semi Continuous Push Pull Pickling line. Pickling line use to clean the oxidized surfaces of hot rolled coils and prepared for cold rolling. Surface cleaning process is made by use of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in two modes, push pull mode and semi continues mode. The product of this line is called pickled coil.

The Pickling line divided into following sections:

- Entry Section.

- Process / Wet Section

- Edge Trimming Section

- Exit Section.

Entry section equipments are including 2 nos. Pay off reel (with stub type mandrels), Pinch Roll, Flattener, Entry Shear crop, Stitching and Notcher, Center Position Control Unit and Entry Loop. Then the strip further into Wet section / Process section. Wet section consists of Water-wash unit, six Acid Bath, Rinse section and dryer. Pickling is the process of using mineral acid to remove oxides of iron from the Hot rolled strip. In rinse section acid remains on the surface, removed with water.

The Hot air dryer will dry the strip before it enters the loop pit, after that the strip goes to the Edge trimmer for sizing depending on the customer’s requirement.

Exit section equipment includes Electrostatic Oiler, automatic edge guide system, Exit Shear crop, Re-coiler and Coil car Transfer (Equipped by weighing machine). The cleaned coils may be sold directly as pickled rolled or can be sent to the cold rolling mills in order to reduce the thickness. Pickled coils produced for sale may be oiled, re-coiled or cut by size depending on the customer’s requirement. The hydrochloric acid used in pickling process is recycled at the acid regeneration plant (ARP) for further use in order not to pollute or give any adverse effect on the environment.

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