Human Resource Management Policy

In view of the position and importance of human resource in achieving the high goals of the company, the human resource management system in West Asia Steel Company has been designed and established.

Using modern techniques in recruitment and employment of manpower including education and modern methods of job interview and guidance and the methods of adaptation of the recruited employee with the work environment has provided more proper conditions for the recruitment process.

Definition and compilation of the fitness and perfect gob identity certificates besides a set of modern systems and methods and employment rules have created an appropriate basis for the function management in the organization.

Efficiency of manpower under a management and function evaluation system which has been designed in the direction of high goals and plans of the organization has created an exceptional harmony and effectiveness, in achieving the goals, through the employment of the active and dynamic educational system.

The mechanized and extensive communicative systems inside the organization support and accelerate this harmonious and efficient complex. West Asia Steel Company relying on the committed, professional and motivated manpower goes through difficult way in achieving the summits of progress and honor, proudly.

The human resource management of West Asia Steel Company using the professional human resource has established the chief topics of its policy in the direction of turning into a credible complex in the world level, and the first rank in Middle East and the West Asia region in steel industries, based on the following axes, and knows itself committed to the effective execution of it:

  1. The improvement of human resource procedures based on the meritocracy in the direction of the fulfillment of the mission, the outlook and the long-term goals of the organization and creating the personnel alignment for achieving the organization goals
  2. Educating the human capitals through equipping the managers and the personnel with the required merits, creating equal learning and development opportunities, and also creating participation field.
  3. Increase of the satisfaction of the colleagues and the organization, quality promotion and continuous improvement of the integrated management system through identifying performance, and specifying proper organizational goals.
  4. The required systematization and planning concerning the implementation and execution of the national and international standards, among them the environment, health security, and …, and cooperation with the related units for the establishment and maintenance of these systems
  5. Extending the quality culture and continuous promotion of the awareness level of the company staff about the requirements, standards, and rules related to the organization operation through education, counseling, and explanation meetings
  6. The environment pollution prevention through identifying, monitoring, and goal setting for the clear environmental aspects according to the related aspects according to the related organizations’ requirements and laws
  7. Protection of the spiritual and physical health of the personnel through identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and goal setting the job dangers for the risk decrease according to the related organizations’ laws and rules
  8. The reform and quantitative and qualitative development of human resource as the most valuable capitals of the organization exploiting the dynamic welfare, motivational, and educational systems, and esteeming their services.
  9. Popularization and use of the applicable methods and educations in the management and organizational fields.

10.  Acceleration in data processing using available integrated systems, and presentation of management reports for proper decision making

11.  Participation with the colleagues and the managers of all units for the fulfillment of the goals and plans of the company

12.  Productivity increase through optimum usage of the available human resource, and improvement and promotion of technology and human property.

Understanding and performance of this policy and the establishment of the integrated management system is the colleagues’ undertaking, and their monitoring and report is the human resource management’s responsibility.

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Who we are?

It is undeniable that Iran’s future economic progress will have to be based on two fundamental principles, namely a greater role for the private sector, and the expansion and diversification of trade relations, there are the basic premises on which FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., was established. Its shareholders range from large private sector manufactures, construction and engineering firms, investments company’s trade agencies. FOOLAD GHARB ASIA CO., members have developed the techniques and posses the experience to provide e customers in the steel sector. Production line equipment was experience in engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of similar plants throughout the world. The capacity foreseen for the complex with particular mix defined is 550,000 t/y. more than 80% of this capacity have been allocated to car and home applications industry.

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